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Latency Arbitrage is a trading strategy based on the speed of getting quotes and trading at a slower broker. The main task of the trader who uses the strategy of latency arbitrage is to find the fastest data feed provider and set up your server (VPS) so as to get these quotes with minimal loss of speed (ping). To get fast quotes in real time, you need special software connected directly to the exchanges (liquidity providers).
What strategy do advisers work with?
Programs and advisors from Sunshine Digital Technology work on the basis of a strategy of low latency arbitrage (lagging quotes) . We have developments for both 1 leg of lightning Cross market high frequency arbitrage system arbitrage and the Newest 
What is forex arbitrage?
Arbitrage on forex or latency arbitrage is a type of high-frequency trading in which the main role is played by the speed of obtaining quotes and gaining an advantage through the use of more powerful and fast servers for trading.
How to buy a program ?
To purchase our software products, you should carefully read the contents of our website and know exactly what you want to use in your trading delay arbitrage strategy. We require our customers to have the corresponding trading knowledge and years of financial investment experience. We only provide trading software and customized software services for professional customers. Our qualified customer support team provides customers with training and services on the use of software systems, does not provide training on basic knowledge of financial transactions, and we do not like inexperienced traders.

Which data feed provider is the fastest?
The fastest supplier of quotes today is Lmax Exchnage. It is perfect for working with brokers located in LD4 (London). Also, you will suit such suppliers of quotations as CQG, Saxo Bank, IQ Feed, Gain Futurses. To work with brokers whose servers are located in America (NY4), the fastest suppliers are Rithmic, CTS T4, Interactive Brokers. Choosing a fast supplier of quotations depends on your country of residence and opportunities for the initial deposit. You can always take advantage of fast and free quotes from our servers, but we should not forget that we always recommend opening your own account to get the fastest quotes without additional connections.
How to connect to a quick quotes provider?
In order to connect to the fast quotes channel, you will need a login and password. To do this, you must open a demo or live account with your chosen supplier of quotes. If you register a live account, you need a minimum deposit:
- Rithmic $ 500;
- CQG $ 500;
- IQ FEED $ 500;
- Lmax Exchange from $ 1000-10000;
- CTS T4 $ 2000;
- Gain Futurses $ 2000;
- Saxo Bank $ 10,000;
- Interactive Brokers $ 10,000.
Also, for connection to the data channel, Lmax Exchange debits $ 60 per month, Rithmic $ 100 per month, CQG $ 500 per month, Saxo Bank, Interactive Brokers can be used free of charge, while other providers have individual fees depending on the set of connected accounts. exchanges.
Can I use my home computer (PC) to trade your advisor?
Not. You will have a very large ping with both a broker and a supplier of quotes. The result of the work will be negative. You can use your home computer if you are in London either very close to it or in New York, as well as to familiarize yourself with the work of our programs.
What parameters of the VPS server to choose for the effective operation of programs and advisors?
CPU: 2.2 GHz and higher (one or more processor cores).
RAM: 2 GB and higher (the more RAM, the more MT4 terminals you can run).
HARD DISK 50 GB And above.
INTERNET high speed unlimited.
OS (operating system) Windows Server 2008 SP 2 is the most optimal for advisor work.
The average cost of such a VPS is $ 60 per month.
What is ping and how does it affect the work of the adviser?
Ping is the connection speed with the supplier of quotations or with a broker. The smaller the ping, the faster the speed of data acquisition. The advisor requires a minimum ping with the supplier of quotes. To do this, select the optimal location of the VPS server. You can check the ping in the program or in the terminal of the broker.
Where should I rent a VPS server for the best performance of programs and advisors?
We recommend using two VPS servers. One in London (for Lmax Exchange and Saxo Bank quotes), the other in Chicago (for Rithmic and CQG quotes). In this case, you'll work on a zero ping. Next, you need to check where the server of the broker you are trading is located. If in America, then working with this broker on a server in Chicago, if the broker's server is located in Europe or Asia, then working with this broker on a server in London. If you have an Australian or New Zealand broker. Hire a VPS in Australia.
Do you have a test version or demo period?
Not. We do not provide a test period and do not test the work of an adviser on your account. 
Do you help with installing and configuring software after payment?
Yes of course. After payment, we will send all necessary files to your e-mail. If necessary, we will help you install programs and advisers on your VPS at any time convenient for you. A qualified customer support team will answer any of your questions on Skype, live chat, mail and social networks.
What are the limitations when using a software license?
When using programs, there is no limit on the number of accounts and trading terminals. The restriction is only on the number of VPS servers where programs can be launched and used. The number of licenses depends on your tariff plan. It is possible to purchase additional licenses at a discount. The license is assigned to a specific VPS server or computer of the user, the replacement of licenses is free of charge upon request.
Do you provide software source codes and open source mql advisors?
Not. The source codes of the programs and advisors are the intellectual property of Sunshine Digital Technology Co.,LTD ,and the client uses a ready-made compiled product based on a license and a license agreement. Resale of licenses and any violation of the copyright of the company is prohibited.
Can I order the writing / programming of a new program or advisor?
Yes. You can consult us on this.  we can modify any of our software and add new brokers to trade and suppliers of quotations.